The question to Netflix's Star, Tim Caulfield

Tim Caulfield the Netflix star, gets asked a question from online live YouTube.  A screen video was captured by @adaptablefarmer in case editing was attempted, or removal of video, the latter did occur. Ask who is funding the scripts? Fear what? The truth or a question highlighting why you don't want consumers testing for glyphosate?

Listen to Podcast Response to Center for food integrity

Tim Caulfield gets hard question @adaptablefarmer

The Center for Food Integrity (Canada) held a conference 02/13/19 in Ottawa, Canada's capital about Fear.  Tim Caulfield had been one of the individuals who attacked @glyphosateca on 12/11/18 for offering test kits for glyphosate The video revealing question was removed by CFFI, why? Ask them.

Blog-The truth is hard to handle?