April 16th 2019 update German Video

Glyphosate is everywhere if you look.

European Court Order-Glyphosate-Video March 7, 2019

Scientific studies to be revealed regarding glyphosate.

Glyphosate-2017, the year before $289 Million judgement

This video provides a good insight into the concerns around glyphosate in 2017.  A note to the producers at Bloomberg- the "tractor" you show is a Construction Road grader, but in your defense glyphosate is used in industrial landscapes for vegetation management. 

Doctors 2015:Donna Farmer whose mentioned in #monsantopapers

In 2015 the defence of glyphosate was of great concern to the company who leveraged it's potential to marry it's potential use to many production systems, especially Genetically Engineered seeds (GE or aka GMO seeds).  In 2018 the court case in California, United States revealed what are now called the Monsanto Papers where Donna Farmer's name is frequently mentioned.  Ghost writing scientific documents has been revealed by law firms who represented Mr.Dwayne Lee Johnson, a victim of glyphosate.

Glyphosate on the Doctors-November 2017

Watch and learn a bit about glyphosate.

Can we as rely on governments listening? Ghost writing?

Set time aside to review this video.

The script-"Glyphosate is safe to drink"

A pesticide label is a legal document that must be followed precisely.  There are individuals who have publicly stated that glyphosate is safe enough to drink. If you have been told this by anyone in the last 45 years please contact us to further discuss that information. 

Glyphosate on 700 Club March 5 2019

Dr. Sara Gottfield interview starts at 15.00 min point. 


A special investigation in France-The version is in French.  Worth finding a friend who can translate :).

Ireland-Glyphosate dependent?

The scripts to support the use of glyphosate can be heard in many different parts for the world. Further investigation of some farm organizations can enable those interested to find the scripts crafted by think tanks paid by chemical lobby firms.

Glyphosate-Too wide spread to fail?

Investing your time to learning more about glyphosate will enable you to understand how controversial the chemical compound is now, 50 years after it was patented as a herbicide.

Glyphosate as a desiccant increases chances of high residues

Glyphosate can be applied in a time just before harvest that can leave higher then acceptable levels.